Chemiefreies Eis - Nacho Emperador - Brasilien



Wir sind diese Woche wieder beim Themengebiet “Das Herz sprechen lassen” angelangt. In diesem Thema werden Wünsche, Visionen, Projekte unterstützt. Wir unterstützen Nacho Emperador in Brasilien bei seinem Traum davon, natürliches chemie-freies Eis für die Kinder herzustellen. Zugleich wollen wir die Gewissheit nähren, dass Visionen und Wünsche, die aus dem Herzen kommen, immer wertvoll sind und Unterstützung finden werden! Lassen wir Nacho sich selbst vorstellen:

““I have been living in Brasil for three years and I’d like to talk to you about a dream. Right now I’m a cook for special diets, specializing in fermentation and avoiding processed food as much as possible.

When I was still living in the Andes, in La Azulita, Venezuela, I always felt attracted to alchemy (to the transformation of matter into something unique and special) and I got to know the world of cocoa. I learned about the whole process, from planting cocoa trees to making chocolate bars.

In my search for learning and expanding I did two courses about the world of ice cream making in February and April 2021. I’d love to put these skills into practice. Artisanal ice cream uses very little sugar, the sugar can be replaced by other sweeteners and they don’t include any chemical products.

As a father I dream that children can have nutritious ice cream, without lactose for those who need to avoid it, without sugar for those who prefer it like this and only made with natural products, adapted to the diets and necessities of all people.

In order to start to walk on this beautiful path I need to buy an artisanal ice cream machine. Thank you very much in advance for your support! ”

Diese gebrauchte Eismaschine wird Nacho ungefähr 450 Euro kosten. Lassen wir ihn spüren, dass Wünsche hier sind, um erfüllt zu werden!